Interpretation of the Poem Cage in Bratislava by Zoltán Csehy

  • Zoltán NÉMETH A Varsói Tudományegyetem Magyar Filológiai Tanszéke, Varsó, Lengyelország
Keywords: interpretation, transmediality, music, erotics, posthuman identity


The study is an attempt at the interpretation of the poem Cage in Bratislava (Cage Pozsonyban) by Zoltán Csehy. The first part of the interpretation looks at the proper names in the title of the novel, and then tackles the referentiability of the statement in the title. It continues with thematising questions of text and erotics, poem and restrictions and work and its translation. It captures the problem of the ideal reader of the text, and by answering it, reaches a vision of the posthuman reader. What captures the attention most is the connection between text and music in Csehy’s work, and in connection with this questions of transmedia practices. The multitude of the media and their copying over each other are embodied in a totality of perception, that is, the ideal reader of the text turns out to be post-human.


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